Chief Mom's Simple Smart List (1st Edition)

Hello Zoobean Families!

I don't know about you, but I have found that it can be incredibly difficult to cull important information about my kids' education with so much noise on the web. To help myself, I keep an ongoing document with links to relevant stories and videos, products I love, or anything that I know will boost our little ones' literacy. Starting today, I'm going to share pieces from that list with you at the end of each week. I hope you enjoy some of these picks, and encourage you to write me with other good finds!

  • The Cooney Center released this new study about family and media usage. Want the quick overview of the findings? Check out this article.
  • The future of education is here, and according to this interesting take, was Invented in 1906. Montessori, anyone?
  • I've watched our Zoobean Experts on Air series with Jessica Lahey multiple times! Her tips on building kids' intrinsic motivation are useful and easy to implement, especially with little kids. 
  • I was inspired to watch this TED Talk again after our chat with Jessica Lahey. If you've heard the term "grit" a lot lately, this helps put it into context.
  • "Once you learn to read, you will forever be free." Know who said this? I love these quotes about reading to keep me inspired.
  • Talk about making the case for more play and less scheduling!

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