Our 4 October Featured Books

Each month at Zoobean, we select four loved books for kids ages 0-10. Our featured book subscribers receive a copy of these books, along with a unique accompanying reading guide. This month, we made some selections that celebrate the season. I mean, how could we choose October featured books for the little ones without a monster thrown in there, or some nice autumn foliage?

Take a look at our 4 featured books for October, and please share your thoughts and comments over @zoobeanforkids or in our Facebook community! 


Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems Your stereotypical monster usually comes equipped with frightening claws, a large furry body and a menacing growl. They can typically scare the pants off of anyone in their path, but, in Mo Willems’ heartwarming tale, Leonardo isn’t your stereotypical monster: he isn’t scary! But can you really be surprised? He is the cutest thing ever! Read more or buy this book »


A House in the Woods by Inga Moore Summer gets a lot of publicity, but for me, there’s nothing like fall. Sweaters, apple picking, leaves turning colors, and most especially nights snuggling in front of the fire - each of these in its own way signals that fall is here, even more so than the calendar.

And of course, there are certain books that we especially love to read at this time of year. One of our recent favorites is Inga Moore’s A House in the Woods. Although the book in and of itself isn’t especially fall-centric, there’s a timeless quality to Moore’s work that reminds me of so many old favorites, and the woodsy setting feels very autumnal. Read more or buy this book »


Big Mean Mike by Michelle Knudsen and Scott Magoon We love Big Mean Mike because he is the biggest, meanest, bunny-loving tough guy around. Mike is BIG, and MEAN, and TOUGH. His bunny rabbit friends are tiny, and fuzzy, and oh so cute. They’re friends, and Mike is tough enough to not care who knows it. When the other dogs laugh, Mike teaches us that our friendships are more important than anything anybody says or thinks…Read more or buy this book»


The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo and Bagram Ibatoulline Have you ever just fallen in love with a book so much that your whole being hurts?  I’m talking heart-twisting, hope-filling love?  That was how I felt reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Kate DiCamillo, the creator of this masterpiece, takes a literary look at a treasured token of childhood (ala The Velveteen Rabbit): a china rabbit named Edward Tulane who knows he’s, well, something to be treasured. Read more or buy this book »