10 Children’s Book Picks for Grandparents Day

This Sunday, September 8, is National Grandparents Day!  In our home, grandparents play a major role in our kids lives.  We live in the same city as my mother-in-law, who loves to visit our kids and read with them in the evenings after school.  Oftentimes, she comes over and finds herself staying longer than she planned because our kiddos convince her that she simply needs to read 5 (not 3!) books before bedtime.  


Then we have my parents, who live in Iowa.  While they do their best to visit often, the distance is of course there.  We have found that books are a wonderful way to connect with them, despite the miles between us.  My mom, for example, knows all of the books that our kiddos are reading, and has lovely conversations about them with our son.  More than anything, they love to send special books to the kids and imagine the kids thinking about them, which they do, each time we open the pages of the story. 

I am lucky to still have my own grandma with us today, and she is an amazing woman!  She still travels to see us, manages to bring our entire family together regularly, and always remembers to send little gifts to our kids. We wish a very, very happy Grandparents Day to our own parents, grandparents, and the other fabulous grandparents out there.

Today we offer up 10 lovely children’s books picks from our Library that feature grandparents in a diverse array stories.  As always, we want to hear from you!  Please share your favorite books for or with grandparents @zoobeanforkids or in the comments below.  We hope you find one that you love and share it with your favorite grandparent!  

1. Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell and David Catrow

Zoobean Tags Include: New School, Individuality, Bullying and Teasing, and many more!

Special Note: This book with a lovely message was referred to us initially by Amy, a mom of 3 in Wisconsin.  She said she teared up when she read it because she could hear her own grandma’s voice in it.  We love little Molly Lou, and think you will too!


2. Max and the Tag-Along Moon by Flloyd Cooper

Zoobean Tags Include: Storytelling, Love, Separation Anxiety, Interconnectedness, and many more!


3. My Grandpa by Marta Altes

Zoobean Tags Include: Compassion, Kindness, Being Present, Alzheimer’s Disease, and many more!


4. Grandma Calls Me Beautiful, by Barbara M. Joosse and Barbara Lavallee  

Zoobean Tags Include: Pacific Islander, Empowerment, Compassion, Feel-Good, and many more!


5. In Lucia’s Neighborhood by Pat Shewchuck and Marek Colek

Zoobean Tags Include: Environment, Hispanic/Latino, Curiosity, Nature and the Natural World, and many more!


6. I Love Saturdays y Domingos by Alma Flor Ada

Zoobean Tags Include: Emigrants and Immigrants, Bilingual, Only Children, Birthdays, and many more!


7. Knuffle Bunny Free by Mo Willems

Zoobean Tags Include: Comedy & Humor, Growing Up, Generosity, City-Living, Europe, and many more!


8. The Raft by Jim LaMarche

Zoobean Tags Include: Adventure, Helpfulness, Responsibility, Working Dad, Blue Collar, and many more!


9. Through Grandpa’s Eyes by Patricia MacLachlan

Zoobean Tags Include: Blind, Senses, Reading Rainbow Books, and many more!


10. Grandma’s Records by Eric Velasquez

Zoobean Tags Include: Growing Up, Friendship, Historical Fiction, Acceptance and Belonging, and many more!