Rebekah’s 3 Reminders for Encouraging Questions

"Why? What is it? How do you know that?"  As parents and loved ones, we’re constantly responding to our kids’ questions about the world around them. Building that curiosity is critical for fostering readers in your home. Our Zoobean curator, Rebekah, offers a nice reminder about how to keep the questions coming when reading with your little one. Share your own tips for building curious readers @zoobeanforkids or at Enjoy, and have a fantastic day!

1.  Great readers ask questions before, during, and after reading. Keep track of them!

Questions help us understand meaning and the author’s purpose. They help us to make predictions, to wonder, and to notice what is important. We may not have an answer to all of our questions on the first few readings of a book; but, later, we can make a connection to our own experiences or another book that will help us to answer the questions we asked while exploring the one in our hands. Write down great questions you discuss along with unanswered questions, and talk about them next time you read your book. 

2.  Your child has likely perfected the art of questioning. 

Kids are learning the world around them and know they can ask you for help in understanding the meaning of what they observe. The conversations you and your child have as a result of his/her questions help to put focus on what is important, both in the book and the broader world.  Let your child’s questions lead the way, even when you have a different discussion in mind.

3.  Not all questions have to be phrased as a question or end in a question mark. 

Questions can be the result of what we wonder and what we want to discover. To help your child ask questions about books, try playing ”I Wonder.” You can share what you are wondering then ask your child what (s)he is wondering. For example, “I wonder if this bluebird on the cover will have an adventure today. What do you wonder about this bluebird?” These are now the questions you can use as you follow the main character on his/her adventures.