25 Loved Books for Father’s Day

I love holidays, especially for the way in which they give us the chance to slow down and appreciate our loved ones.  Naturally, that means I love Father’s Day and surprising my husband with gifts from our kids along with a special activity just for the family. And yet, Father’s Day is one of those tricky holidays because experiences with dads can vary widely.  That’s certainly true in my case.  I grew up with a very present and loving dad; my mom’s dad died when she was a young girl; my husband’s dad was a bit of a rolling stone; my best friend had both a stepfather and a dad.  I suspect that most of us look around and see that our relationships with dads, and likely Father’s Day, are different from home to home, family to family.

Let’s be real; Father’s Day isn’t celebrated with as much fanfare as Mother’s Day.  My husband always points out that you can’t find a good Mother’s Day card on the Saturday (he says Thursday, actually) before the holiday, but if you go to buy a Father’s Day card on Father’s Day, you probably will still have the pick of the litter.  Maybe so.  Now that dads are spending increasingly more time with kids, maybe the way we celebrate the holiday will also change.  

What we do know is that, no matter a child’s family structure or background, it’s important for kids to see themselves and their stories represented in what they read and watch.  As Geena Davis always says about girls in media, “If you can see it, you can be it.”  In this spirit, Zoobean is offering up a list of 25 Loved Books for Father’s Day.  These were all selected with care by Zoobean book curators who also happen to be dads.  John, Josia, and, my husband, Felix all grew up in different places, but they share the common bond of fatherhood and loving books for kids.  Initially, I asked them to send me their top 3 favorite books about fatherhood, but they had so many that we had to grow the list substantially.  

Who knows, maybe this is a sign that the market for Father’s Day cards is on the way up!  

Note:  I hope that you are able to find the right Father’s Day book for your family here, or through our site.  And if you don’t find it here, please do let me know what you’re looking for.  And of course, if you have a favorite not here, don’t hesitate to let us know - we’re here to make sure that families of all backgrounds are better able to discover books that help their kids imagine and achieve anything!