10 Picture Books Our Curators Adore

Typically, the Picture Book 10for10 initiative is for teachers to identify which ten picture books they couldn’t live without in their classrooms.  I called up my inner classroom teacher (okay, it’s been *a while*), and thought it would be fun to make a 10for10 list that’s a compilation from our Zoobean curators.  The challenge for all of them was even greater, since each curator could only choose one picture book (s)he couldn’t live without.  Period.  That’s tough!  Of course, we’re lucky because we can feature awesome books monthly on our website.  Check it out here.  

Our joint list is as follows, better late than never.  Let us know what you think @zoobeanforkids or in the comments on the blog. 

Selected by Mary, a librarian and children’s literature specialist…and blogger at Sprout’s Bookshelf. This is also, by far, the number one pick for Team Zoobean…it’s the inspiration for creating Zoobean in the first place!


2. Hooway for Wodney Wat 

Selected by Rebekah, a children’s librarian in San Francisco.  Rebekah faced many of the same problems as Wodney as a child, so this book has particular meaning for her when she reads it to kids. Not to mention, she thinks it’s adorably funny.


4. Wreck of the Zephyr

Selected by Josia from Carborro, NC.  This is his boyhood favorite!  He used to read it over and over as a child…a magical book.


5. Chickens to the Rescue

Selected by Andrea from Austin, TX.  This is a big time family favorite!


6.  Corduroy

Selected by Sheila, a reading specialist from Montclair, NJ.  All-time favorite by far!


7.  Bread and Jam for Frances

Selected by Elizabeth, a mom and children’s librarian from San Francisco, CA.  Although her daughter’s selection would be Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks from A-Z!


8. Brave Girl

Three curators submitted their selections with a caveat that they *also* just love this book.  We had to include it!


9.  Philaes’s Fortune

Selected by Felix, former teacher of the year in DC and Zoobean Dad! 


10. Bluebird

Selected by Jordan, Zoobean’s Chief Mom.  I love this books so much, it’s absolutely lovely and important for children.  All the World was my other pick, but when Mary chose that, I figured it opened a door for me to choose another as well!